Bing Continues to Grow in Market Share

Our Online Marketing Success Depend on Your eCommerce Success

Bing is a continuously growing market in the online search world. Before I started here at EKG, Google was pretty much all I knew to use. When I was searching for something, I would just Google it. Now that I have experience in the paid search market, I am realizing that Bing is a big search engine that is experiencing continuous growth. Bing was already paired with Yahoo, growing its organic market share and last April, according to data from comScore, Bing hit the 20% search market share in the United States through PC. Bing has now paired with AOL, resulting in Bing powering all AOL’s search and adding algorithmic organic search results to it as well.

Bing is now at something close to 34% of organic search results. Though it is clear that Google will continue to rank higher in Mobile volume, since the deals with Yahoo do not translate into mobile as well. It has been seen that Google is holding more than 90% of mobile market share, using slightly inaccurate data, but it does show a clear gap between the search engines. Keeping up to date on this information is vital, you don’t want to be missing out on potential customers using Bing, while you only focus on the Google market share. Though Bing is smaller, that is still up to 30% of a growing market you could be missing.