How to add negative keywords to your Restoration Google Ads Account

Negative Keywords for Google Ads

The purpose of this article is to show Restoration Service Companies how to negative out keywords that don’t align with their Google Ads Marketing Campaigns and Ad Groups.

What are negative keywords?

They’re words or phrases that you can exclude from your ads at the Ad Group, or Campaign level to ensure your ads are placed properly, you can also add them to a negative keyword list for generic terms you want to ensure never show up in any ad you run. These changes can be made similarly to adding keywords when you initially create a campaign.

An example that can help you understand would be a restaurant looking to advertise their chicken. However a competing restaurant is also advertising chicken and waffles. To ensure their business doesn’t incur a click 

It seems like a simple process but all keywords are not created equally! There are currently 3 types of keywords you can utilize. First is Broad Match: Broad Match Keywords are written out like this. Restoration company near me. This is purposefully written out like a normal word so that it can

If you don’t know how to read a search term report for your restoration business, please refer to our previous guide where we discuss the simple process, then come back here to finish learning about negative keywords. Read our article

Where to add negative keywords

Negative Keyword Lists

As you can see there are 3 different places negative keywords can be added to on Google Ads. First is the Ad Group, Ad Group negatives are the lowest level because it only effects the ads that are run in that group. You can add any negative keywords in this list and it will not effect your higher level campaign.

Second is Campaign Negative Keywords: These keywords will stay in the Campaign so you don’t have to repeat every time you create a new Ad Group. For example the word “bread” placed in this group will ensure that no other advertisements in this Campaign group will show up when bread is searched in Google. This is great for if you have highly specific Ad Groups that all cover roughly the same thing but can become hard to market if you use this section loosely. 

Last is Negative Keyword List. These lists will cover all of your Campaigns and Ad Groups. Marketing Agencies use these for general keywords that do not relate to their customers. For example “airpods” would never need to be triggered for a client that sells cats therefore airpods would go into their negative keyword list so they never have to worry about it again.

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