Bing Shopping Campaign Search Term Reports

Keeping traffic relevant is one of the most important steps when working with a Google AdWords or Bing Ads account. I use negative keyword lists to improve relevance in my clients’ accounts. I pull search term reports at least once a week for each account I work with in Google, especially in Shopping campaigns. While working with both of these search engines I have found that you cannot just use the same negative keyword lists for Bing that you find work well for Google. There is a huge difference in Bing searches compared to Google searches.

When Bing was using the old Product Listing Ads, pulling search term reports was extremely similar to Google’s process. Once Bing switched to the updated shopping campaigns, I came across an issue that stumped me and most likely quite a few others. Before I could pull a search term report from the Dimensions tab in the Product Listing Ads, now with the new Shopping campaigns, it shows as “No dimension data is available” and no data would come through when I tried to create a search term report through the reports tab either. Obviously this is an issue, especially for a specific client I was working with at the time. This client sells 220 volt appliances and electronics, this means that a regular product, say like a Samsung TV or regular Blu-Ray player (without the 220 volts, region-free, etc.) came up frequently in customer searches and wasted large amounts of money. Before I was able to remove such irrelevant terms, with this change it seemed I was unable to remove or track any search terms.

This ended up being a simple fix! In order to pull Shopping search terms in Bing, all I had to do was pull a search term report from the Reports tab, now where it went wrong before was when choosing columns, the search term data will not come through if the column “Keywords” is selected. So because of this, unselect the “Keywords” column and run the search term report. Voila, now you have a search term report to make sure your accounts’ searches are relevant!

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