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Read Restoration Company Search Term Reports

The purpose of this article is to teach Restoration Service Companies how to properly manage their google ads accounts in order to generate new leads in a profitable way.

If you’re in the restoration industry you understand how hard it is to acquire new customers. Unfortunately, the market is becoming increasingly saturated and doesn’t allow you to properly explain to potential new customers how your services differ from the competition. 

Fortunately, that’s where a marketing strategy using PPC on Google Ads can help you market your restoration company online with the Google Search Engine. Marketing your Restoration Service business on Google allows you to create attention grabbing headlines, and descriptions that relate specifically to your customers needs when they’re searching for help.

google ads overview
  1. First you need to go to your Google Ads Account by clicking here: https://ads.google.com/. When you first get into your account it should show an overview that looks like this. Your Google Ads Account Overview should have all of the important metrics in your designated time period that you select using the drop down on the top. You can also set the Compare button to review your metrics against a previous time period. Ours is set to the last 7 days so we can review the most recent keywords. The length of time you review is mostly based on personal preference and I do not want to go a month without reviewing where my money is being spent.
google ads keyword

2. Click the Keywords section and quickly review your keywords to make sure they’re for the correct campaign/Ad Group and the type of keyword is correct. For example we use only 2 of the 3 types of keywords, phrase match and exact match keywords. We do this because adding broad match keywords in an expensive market is a recipe for disaster that will cause your company to bid for words that are not as closely related to your products.

To use a real world example, if we were looking to find jobs for a burst pipe we wouldn’t use a broad match which could trigger things like burst pipe do it yourself repair or replacement pipe for burst pipe. You want your ads to trigger for things like “burst pipe repair company” and “burst pipe restoration” in order to ensure you’re targeting the right customers.

Read Restoration Company Search Term Reports

3. Click on the Search Term Report Section and see what search terms your keywords are triggering for. Notice how the keywords are organized by campaign and Ad group, this is important to make sure you aren’t bidding on the same keywords and you’re not using the wrong terms for the wrong target market.  

Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake and need to fix your bidding, you can update your keywords by selecting the box next to the term and either adding it as a keyword to include it in future searches, or as a negative so it never shows up again.

Negative Keywords for Google Ads

Creating a proper negative keyword list as well as regular keywords can be a time consuming task that you can possibly get wrong and create issues in your campaigns. In order to avoid this you can view our blog on negative keywords here:

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