Magento Product Feeds – Google Shopping

If You Own an eCommerce Site, Product Feeds are a Must.


Product Feeds are Constantly Changing and Updating

Google Shopping takes products from your feed and displays them with the Google search results. To stay ahead of your competition, you must keep up with all the changes as the algorthim evolves. EKG Marketing works closely with Google to keep our clients active and updated on product feeds.

Show Up for More Than Just Search Results with Shopping

  • Our Account Managers are Certified for Google Shopping
  • Show Previously Viewed Products in Remarketing Ads
  • We Use Best Practices – Plus, Fully Optimized Product Data

Expand Your Product Advertising Dollar’s Reach With Bing.

At EKG Marketing, we take Bing/Yahoo seriously. Many marketing agencies stay away from Bing/Yahoo, because they are not familiar or comfortable with the platform. If you are a Google professional, Bing takes a while to get used to. Even expert level Bing managers find Bing’s interfaces more time consuming and less user friendly than Google’s to perform the same tasks. In addition, most advertisers only spend 20-35% of their Google budget in Bing/Yahoo. Putting it simply, Bing/Yahoo account managers spend more time to get paid less. EKG keeps up with the new updates and requirements in Bing Ads and Shopping. Don’t let a marketing company’s inexperience cost you 20-30% extra exposure!

Bing Introduces Shopping Campaigns

  • Work with Bing Certified Account Managers
  • Reach Additional Customers Who are Not Using Google
  • Harder to Use than Google, but your ROI often is Better

If You are on the Magento Platform, Optimize it with Wyomind.

Optimizing a product feed is a lot more complicated than just pushing data out. In most cases, if you just push your site’s data to the shopping channels, your products will never be seen. Here is an example…

Let’s say you sell records, yes the 12″ vinyl things that some kids don’t know about. On your site, your product titles may just be the album title and possibly the artist name. Because you only sell records, including “12 inch vinyl record album” in every title is not necessary on your site. It may even make your site look cluttered and messy. However, if someone searched for “Michael Jackson Bad 12 inch vinyl” in Google, your products may not show.

That is a very simple example, but it makes the point. To optimize your feed, you need to include the most relevant keywords in your product titles. In Magento, we use Wyomind’s Data Feed Manager to create specific titles, descriptions and other attributes relevant to every product feed.

  • Category Mapping to Google and Bing Product Categories
  • Custom Product Titles and Descriptions to Optimize Feeds
  • See Wyomind Website: Click Here