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At EKG Marketing Search Engine Marketing is Our Specialty


Why Advertise on Google and Yahoo/Bing?

Word of mouth and local marketing may not be enough. Sites that have excellent SEO may have good ‘organic’ search results, but you may be missing out on a wider clientele. Well managed Search Engine Marketing practices on Google and/or Bing will deliver top level PPC results– showing your ads first over your competition. This will bring a better ROI and more quality traffic to your site. AdWords and Bing are also able to produce instant results, and they are able to be measured and reported to show the return on investment for your company.

It’s Where the Customers are

  • Over 90% of Consumers Have Purchased Online
  • Over 90% of Consumers Research Online Before Purchasing
  • Paid Ads are Often the Most Visible Search Results

Why Choose EKG to Manage Your Paid Search (PPC) Campaigns?

EKG Marketing’s PPC managers are dedicated, educated professionals who keep up with the latest trends in paid search best practices. We know how to efficiently manage campaigns and bring in traffic that is likely to ‘convert’ into customers. Our managers keep in close contact with the client, they make sure to not “set it and forget it.” They are in your account daily, and will keep you updated and informed on your account. Account managers work Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm EST and are available to consult and advise.
Before we start, we will want to know a lot about your business and exactly what it does. We like to spend a couple hours checking out the site and doing our own market research. Then we listen to what you have to say about the business and from there, we can determine if we can help. Unlike most agencies we have dealt with, we will tell you up front if our services are just not the right fit for your needs. We won’t promise you the world and then give you excuses. We want to exceed your expectations from the start. We’d love to hear, “Last month was great, how can we take it to the next level?”

We Are Google Certified Partners and Bing Certified Partners

  • 2 Years Avg. Experience Managing Paid Search Campaigns
  • We Want Your Business to Succeed as Much as You Do
  • We Don’t Only Advise, but We Listen to Your Suggestions

eCommerce PPC is Our Specialty

Although we also work with some lead generation and “branding” sites, 90% of our clients are selling products online. Because we specialize in eCommerce, we stay on top of the latest AdWords and Bing Ads features that affect online sales. Using conversion and revenue tracking, we can optimize every campaign, ad group and keyword to maximize your return on every advertising dollar.

We Know All About PPC Marketing

  • 90% of Our Clients are Selling Products Online
  • Our Main Focus is Your Return on Investment
  • Optimized Campaigns Will Deliver You Positve Results

Product Feeds – Shopping – Product Listing Ads

If you have an eCommerce site, implementing product feeds are a must to stay competitive. Google and Bing have made drastic changes to their product feed structures and will continue to do so. Set your listings apart from the competition by keeping up with the updates. An optimized feed from six month ago is almost unusable today, falling behind with Google and Bing updates can negatively impact a once succesful campaign.

We Deliver Product Feeds With Impact

  • Get Products Displayed in Search Results
  • More Effective than Search Listings
  • Regularly Optimized for Top Results

Free Review of Your Current PPC Campaigns

We offer a free review of your account(s). We will dig into the overall account structure, keywords, negative keywords, match types, search term reports, ads, ad scheduling, ad rotation, etc. We will point out where the account is performing well and where it is wasting money. This report takes us a few hours to compile and about 30-45 minutes to review with you on a phone call/screen share. We want to give a quick look into how working with EKG Marketing could better your business.

One last thing, not every business needs to jump on the “latest” marketing strategy. The local funeral home probably won’t be getting a lot of followers on Twitter or check-ins with Foursquare. Even with the basics like Facebook and Google+, the return on investment is usually directly related to implementing and managing them correctly.

It is an Easy and Quick Process

  • Fill Out our Free PPC Assesment Form ($199.00 Value)
  • Authorize Our Access When Google or Bing Asks
  • Receive a 30-45 Minute Consultation of Results


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