How to Integrate CallTrackingMetrics into SharpSpring

Zapier Integration Start Page
Learn how to integrate CallTrackingMetrics into SharpSpring for instant sync of contacts into your system.
What do you gain from integration?

When you integrate CallTrackingMetrics with your CRM system, you create an immediate funnel of information that populates SharpSpring without having to spend extra time manually inputting data. 

What is zapier?

Zapier is a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows.

There are other products similar to Zapier that work the same way using API’s like Automate.io and LeadsBridge. The list goes on and for this example we will use Zapier.

How do i use your zap?

Click this link to follow along with our instructions on how to integrate CallTrackingMetrics and SharpSpring: https://zapier.com/shared/a9fd2152e370387df58ee34e93dae36171fee2ac


1. Try the zap

Follow the link and click the purple “Try this Zap” button to follow the blog post. After clicking the button you’ll be directed to a page that looks like this. Click the “Get started” button to continue.

Zapier Integration Start Page
2. Connect your calltrackingmetrics account to zapier

If you haven’t signed into CallTrackingMetrics through Zapier, click the “Connect a new account” hyperlink to sign in and confirm you’re using the correct account.

3. Connect your sharpspring account to zapier

Exactly like step 2, connect your SharpSpring Account to Zapier. If you have multiple clients, name your SharpSpring account appropriately so you don’t get them mixed up. 

SharpSpring editing Fields
4. Map Fields from calltrackingmetrics to sharpspring 

Choose the fields that are important to your business, for example: Name, Number, Email etc. In our example image you’ll see that we have a phone number with “@donotreply.com as a following text. This is because SharpSpring needs an email to create an account and usually when a customer calls in we do not receive their number. To get around this issue we added this to follow customers so we can easily refer back and update their account later on.

Field Mapping for sharpspring
5. Test Your Zapier integration into SharpSpring

Test to confirm that the information you’re sending can be received into your system. Occasionally you can find errors or maybe you’ll see that your information isn’t populating the custom fields you created. Always check for best results!

Zapier Integration Test
6. turn on your calltrackingmetrics to sharpspring integration

Congratulations, in a few simple steps you’ve connected your CallTrackingMetrics account to SharpSpring! Watch over your integration for the next few days to ensure there aren’t any errors that can happen as more customers funnel into your CRM.

review and turn on zapier integration

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