Magento Hosting

Nexcess Hosting is Top Rated Magento Hosting


We Offer the Most Secure, Stable and Fastest Magento Hosting Available

Each server runs on a combination of heavily optimized software and top of the line hardware, all hosted in a secure, modern data center. Below are some of the extensive optimizations made to ensure we remain the premiere Magento hosting service.

Nexcess Web Site Hosting

  • Nexcess Hosting is the Fastest Magento Hosting Available
  • Nexcess Hosting is Stable and Secure
  • Their Content Delivery Network Allows Media to Load Faster

Host Your Site On Our Secure Isolated Platform (SIP)-500 Servers

The Servers are Running Magento and Have Been Optimized Fully for Magento

  • Each SIP is Self Contained and Fine Tuned
  • SIP Plans Provide Stable, Secure Magento Hosting Solutions
  • Runs the Latest, Stable MySQL Optimized for Magento
  • The Linux OS has Been Tuned For Magento Operations
  • The Web Server is Optimized for Magento Online Stores
  • Near-Perfect Network Reliability

Backup Strategy

Extensive work has been done to optimize and secure the servers. For years Nexcess has been focused on getting the best and most secure performance out of their servers. Their experience means your eCommerce web site will be up and running with almost 100% reliability. You can rest assured that when there are issues our experienced team can resolve them quickly. Add to that the described back up systems and you can count on what we think is a best of class solution for you web site server needs.

Never Lose Your Data

  • Redundant Backup Systems & Continuous Data Protection
  • Site Files Backed Up Using R1soft’s CDP Backup Software
  • Backup Copies Stored Locally and on a Remote Server
  • MySQL Database Data Backed Up Nightly for All Plans
  • Backed up Data is Retained for up to Thirty Days