Internet Marketing Consultation

The Success of a Website Depends on Many Different Components Working Together.


Experience Matters in This Constantly Changing Industry

Our Experienced Marketing Professionals have Worked with a Wide Variety of Businesses.
This experience will help you get your site running smoothly and efficiently. Our account managers will work with you, utilizing the latest updates and trends to get you and keep you at the top of the search results. We don’t use ‘black-hat’ link building or any other unrecommended techniques and we don’t focus on “niche” specialties. We prefer to focus on the marketing best practices that we know work well. We know that a well rounded marketing strategy done right, will make all the difference.

Beware of So-Called Niche Marketing “Experts”

  • Search Experts Will Discuss Top Listings on Google or Bing
  • Social Media Experts Will Focus on Meaningful Statistics
  • Usability Experts Will Discuss Eye Tracking Software
  • Link Building Experts Will Tell You How to “Lift” Site Ranking


Getting the Right Advice will Make a Difference.


What Will Give Your Business the Most IMPACT from it’s Marketing Dollars?

EKG Marketing specializes in optimizing the entire online business strategy. If you are ready to take your business to the next level. Contact us today for a complimentary SEO and Online Marketing Assessment!

Two Basic Online Truths…

  • It Doesn’t Matter How Great a Site is If Nobody Ever Visits It
  • Unless They Convert, Number of Site Visitors Doesn’t Matter


And Internet Marketing 101 in Two Simple Steps…

  • Bring more Qualified Visitors to Your Website.
  • Convert a Higher Percentage of Visitors to Drive Revenue