Magento Search Engine Optimization

We Specialize in Optimizing Magento Sites for Top Search Results


We Have Been Working With Magento Since Its Release.

Most eCommerce sites have similar obstacles to overcome in order to be “optimized” for search engines. The very features that make Magento incredibly powerful as a platform also inherently make it a challenge for SEO. EKG Marketing has been optimizing Magento sites for search engines since the platform was released.

We Take a Holistic Approach to Magento SEO

  • Category Structure and Content Strategically Developed
  • Product Images and Attributes Aligned with SEO Strategy
  • Descriptions for Search Engines and Product Feeds

Example: Duplicate Content and Canonical Tags

Dynamic category pages, for example, allow visitors to shop for products in the way that makes most sense to them. They can filter products by manufacturer, attribute, etc. and then sort by price, position, etc. Each of these combinations end up with a slightly different URL, which means that they are all “different” pages in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. To help resolve these issues, most search engines now recognize the “Canonical” tag. This tag basically tells the search engines which URL should receive “credit” for this page. When used correctly, filtered pages do not compete with the main category page. When used incorrectly, optimized pages may not get recognized at all.

Magento’s Dynamic Page Content Can Create Optimization Issues

  • Dynamic Filtering Helps Customers Find What They Want
  • Every “Version” of a Category Can Be Duplicate Content!
  • Duplicate Content Hurts Your Site with Google’s Algorithms

SEO Suite Ultimate By Mageworx

Over the past several years EKG Marketing has worked with the developers at Mageworx to address Magento specific SEO challenges. Every time we encountered an issue, Mageworx has developed a solution. All of this research and development is available in the latest version of their Magento extension “SEO Suite Ultimate”. If you own a Magento shop, we highly recommend their Magento extensions. However, just getting the module installed does NOT automatically optimize your site. Though their support is excellent, their documentation could be a little better. Often experience such as ours is necessary to set up and optimize extensions specific to your Magento installation. Let Us Help, Contact Us Today!

We Are An Affiliated Partner Of Mageworx, Developers Of Magento Extensions

  • Collaborated on Magento Specific SEO Issues
  • For Every SEO Issue, They Developed a Solution
  • As a Result: We Highly Recommend SEO Suite Ultimate
  • We Can Install and Optimize it for Your Site