AdRoll, Changing the Market in Retargeting

AdRoll is a new platform EKG Marketing is implementing for our clients for retargeting on Facebook, Instagram, Email, and Web. AdRoll is able to target customers who have previously visited our sites and allows us to design ads specifically to bring customers who visited based on their level of intent back to the site. Whether this be back to the specific product they viewed or just back in general to the site depends on the level of intent shown while interacting with our site. We can find this information with the pixel inserted from AdRoll.

With this pixel, we are able to see when potential customers visit our site, add a product to their cart, and leave before making that final purchase. A good amount of online shoppers often times place items into the cart to see the final price after tax, shipping, coupons, etc. They then will venture off to try other sites to get the best deal. At the end of the day, who wins the purchase? Most likely the one with the best price, or if they were just browsing, the one who wins is the one who reminds the customer where they went to shop and why they are better than the others! We will use Adroll to display the product again, in a place customers don’t have to search to find the ad; we will show it to them right on their Facebook feed. This quick bite ad will remind the customer why they should come back to our site, whether that be free shipping, a current sale, or a free gift with purchase.

Our goal is to drastically change how we retarget our customers, especially focusing on Facebook for now, since we assume that a large amount of our customers more than likely interact on Facebook at some point in their day. We might as well utilize the tools we have available.

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