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Through June 30th, Be ready for the shopping season!


EKG Marketing is offering basic analysis of existing Google Shopping campaigns absolutely FREE!

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What you will get for FREE!

Analysis of Your Current Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

For every dollar you spend in advertising, how much revenue do you need to stay profitable and grow? Do you know? Does your current marketing agency know? What about Lifetime Customer Value (LTV)? How much is a phone call or email signup worth?

Analysis of Top Spending Search Terms

If you have not run a search term report recently, I urge you to do so. Since you can’t bid on keywords in Google Shopping, you must use a lot of negative keywords to prevent your products from being shown for irrelevant searches. By far, this is the most time consuming part of managing Google Shopping campaigns.

Recommended Strategy and Budget

We will create a custom strategy based on your products, website and budget. This will include a basic structure for your campaigns and ad groups as well as negative keywords/lists. If you agree with the strategy, but don’t have the resources to implement it, we can help.

Basic Website UX Analysis

If your website isn’t converting as well as your competition, you will have a hard time being profitable with Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. We will take a look at your site from a customer’s point of view, which is usually quite different than yours or your developer’s. If applicable, we will make recommendations to improve conversions. If you want to go further with heat-maps and/or A/B testing, we can assist with that as well. Although we have developers, we generally don’t do custom work on existing websites. It is usually easier and less expensive for the original developer to make changes.

Customized PPC Management Proposal

We truly enjoy helping online shop owners succeed,. Very often, there is a lot of “low-hanging fruit” in an account which can be easily addressed. However, some optimizations like analyzing search term reports and managing negative keyword lists, take time. This is especially if you don’t stay on top of Google’s constant changes. Most of our clients pay less than 10% of their ad spend for our PPC management services. If we can improve performance by 10% or more, our expertise doesn’t cost you anything!

*Offer applies to existing Google Shopping account with 90 days of continuous Shopping history and at least $1,500 spend in Shopping during that time.