How to Create A Google My Business Profile

Creating a Google My Business Profile is one of the most important steps for generating local SEO. In this blog you’ll learn how to create a Google My Business Profile and a few tips to help you stick out in a sea of competition. 

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1. Create Your New Google Business Account

To utilize Google Services you’ll need to create a google account. You can create a new email for your business or use an existing one.

Separating your personal email and your business email makes it easier to communicate with clients and keep track of employee communication too!

After selecting the “To manage my business button” you’ll be directed to the create an account page where you can create a new email or an existing one associated with your domain.

2. Go To Your Business Profile Manager

Go to https://business.google.com/ and you’ll be prompted to search for your business to see if google has already scraped data online and created a profile for you, if not click the blue “Add your business to Google” button 

3. Start building your Business Profile by adding your name and category

Fill out important details like your business name and your business category so people can find you while searching for you directly or through services you offer.

4. Add your physical location to Google to show on Google Maps

If you have a physical store front, let your customers know where to find you! This will allow your business to show up on Google Maps when people are looking for your business or other businesses in your same category. 

You can create a Google My Business Profile if you don’t have a physical location for customers to visit. There are thousands of businesses that don’t need to operate in a singular location due to the new age of the internet allowing work from home to thrive.

5. Let your customers know if you deliver on Google My Business

After the pandemic, home delivery has become a staple of our economy. If you deliver products to customers, let them know! If not, don’t fret, no one expects a Powerplant to hand deliver electricity!

6. Add your contact info so customers can reach out or learn more

Adding your contact info to your Google My Business Page gives customers the chance to learn more without having to go to your physical location. You can also add your website to increase traffic and give them more information than they would have found by simply looking at your reviews.

7. Do you want to stay up to date on Google My Business?

Of course you do! Staying up to date with Google Algorithms and signing up for the EKG Marketing Newsletter is the best way to make sure you’re in the loop on the most important changes that effect your business. 

8. Verify your Google My Business Listing to be seen on Google

Getting verified on Google allows you to be seen by potential customers. Without verifying your business, you won’t be able to show up on Google. It takes a few days to get your postcard marked with a verification code but it is worth the wait!

9. Add your services to your Google My Business Profile

Adding your services is another way to connect with customers. Google allows you to add services that other companies like yours offers, or add a custom service that only you can offer!

10. Customize your business hours to let customers know your availability

Business hours are essential for your potential customers, having the wrong hours can be the difference between a sale for your business or the competition.

These hours can change whether permanently or temporarily, update them as needed to be accurate for your customers.

11. Enhance your business by adding messaging to Google My Business

Messaging customers is a great way to enhance your customer experience with you company. However, you should only use this feature if you plan to consistently contact your customers. Google requests that you communicate back to your customers within 24 hours to ensure a quality user experience that doesn’t harm your business’ reputation.

12. Add a description to your business profile

Your description gives potential customers a quick glance at the benefits your company can give them. This can be the first step to drawing their interest in a crowded marketplace.

13. Show the world your smile with photos of your business

Photos can be a great way to help potential customers visualize your business. Customers can even add their own photos for you! Google optimizes the photos for you so you don’t have to worry about picking out the perfect layout. 

14. Verify your business and watch your sales skyrocket

3-5 days after you request a verification code, a postcard will be sent to your business address. Enter the code into your Google My Business Profile and you’ll be verified. 

Thanks for reading our blog post about creating a Google My Business Page. If you’d like to learn more on how to enhance your business, look at our other services listed below and contact us to learn more!

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