Staying on Top of The Game

In the fast-changing world that we live in, it is extremely important to always stay on top of things. Technology is constantly optimizing and morphing into something new, which directly affects online marketing and online sales. Our team of professionals here at EKG Marketing recognizes that more than anyone. We make it a priority to stay updated on the changes that happen in the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and constantly look for opportunities that will help us improve the performance of our client accounts.

For example, recently Google has changed the number of sitelinks you can show per ad in Google AdWords and how they are being displayed. The number leaped from 4 to 8, and the sitelinks are now shown in a carousel manner rather than side by side. This is a great upgrade that gives our clients a chance to reach even more potential customers with a single advertisement, and we did not hesitate to jump right on it. Adding extra landing pages and category-specific descriptions to already existing ads has also proved to be a good way to utilize the common search terms that did not quite make the cut into becoming keywords. We are now expecting to see more relevant traffic coming through the accounts, and it looks like a positive trend has already started to form.

In terms of the most recent news, Google is returning an upgraded version of automated ad suggestions to AdWords, and looks like this time the tool will prove to be really helpful. Some of the benefits to be gained with automated ad suggestion are better variety and quality scores of the ads, as well as improved coverage of relevant searches. Not to mention, it will also help save a great amount of time that can be used to work on more pressing account projects. Our team is looking forward to the launch and we believe it is yet another Google update that will help ensure that our clients are getting the best results for their money!