Magento eCommerce Services


EKG Marketing Specializes In The Magento eCommerce Platform

We are Experienced with Many eCommerce Platforms, but We Prefer Magento.

Developed in 2007, Magento and was first released for use in early 2008. (Learn more)

The Community-edition is a free open-source content management system that can be customized by use of extensions or PHP development. The Enterprise Edition has the same core files, however, it has a bit more functionality and is sold with installation and technical support packages included.

We work extensively with the community-edition and as stated above, is our favorite eCommerce framework. We also work with Volusion, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Zen Cart and more.

  • Magento is the Most Popular eCommerce Platform
  • Can be Customized Using 100’s of High Quality Extensions
  • Being Open Source, Its Flexibility is Almost Limitless

We Specialize in Optimizing Magento for Top Search Results

We Understand the Obstacles to Optimizing the Magento Platform
At EKG Marketing we make sure each and every element of your Magento website is optimized for the search terms and keywords that your customers will use to find your website. We do extensive market research and competitive scans to learn your business and give you the attention and resources to be successful.

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Magento’s Strengths Can Be SEO Weaknesses

  • Category Page Filtering Can Cause Duplicate Content Issues
  • Optimized Product Names, Titles and Descriptions
  • We Highly Recommend Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate

Magento Product Feeds

Google and Bing Shopping Product Feeds and Campaigns
Product feeds are constantly changing and updating. To stay ahead of your competition, you must keep up with all the changes as the algorthim evolves. EKG Marketing works closely with Google to keep our clients active and updated on product feeds.

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Product Feeds are a Must for eCommerce Websites

  • A Step Beyond PPC Page Listings
  • Product Feeds Put Your Products into Search Results
  • Keeping Up with the Constant Updates is Vital

Magento Hosting

Magento eCommerce Web Site Hosting by Nexcess is Top Rated
Website optimization and SEO is more than just keywords and meta information. Search engines also take into account the speed of your site. Our Nexcess web servers are fully optimized for Magento and use a content delivery network for faster downloads of media on your site.

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We Put Thought into Bringing You the Most Secure, Stable & Fastest Hosting

  • Servers Designed Specifically for eCommerce Sites
  • The MySQL Server is Tuned for Top Performance
  • The Linux OS has Been Tuned for Magento Operations
  • Web Server Optimized for Magento Online Stores

Simplify Your Customers’ Checkout Process

Let Us Install One Step Checkout for You

Easy Checkout Processes Improves the Customer Experience & Closes the Sale

  • Reduce Checkout Steps from Six to One
  • Accept Coupon Codes Directly in the Checkout
  • Various Configuration Settings in the Magento Backend

Our Magento Business Affiliations

Who We Bring to the Table Can Make a Difference for You
EKG Marketing Knows All About The Best Extensions For Your Magento eCommerce Web Site. We work with and collaborate with a few trusted Magento extension developers to provide solutions that work specifically for your business’ needs.

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High Quality Extensions Make Magento Even More Powerful and Flexible

  • We Work Directly with Magento Extension Developers
  • We Use Extensions Which We Have Used and Tested Too
  • Some Extensions Can Cause Create Security Risks

EKG Marketing Understands Magento’s Demanding Nature

We Speed Up Magento eCommerce Sites
Page load speed is crucial to the conversion rate, as little as a 1 second delay in page loading time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions. Speed has an impact on your site. This not only affects conversion rate, but also your Google ranking.

Magento Is Server Intensive and Can Run Slow

  • The Right Hosting Can Make a Difference
  • Content Delivery Networks Speed Up Page Loading
  • Extensions Such as Page Caching Can Help Even More